Captivated by Fallout

I remember a thought I had while playing Fallout 3; what would happen if someone stumbled upon a large warehouse with unopened bottles. So many caps free for the taking but would that person just sit and remove caps all day?

Me and my brother are both waiting impatiently for Fallout 4 to be released. As it was my brothers birthday yesterday I decided to make a small Fallout-inspired game to go with my gift of Fallout 4. The thought mentioned above was the seed for the game as I started work on friday and got it done by sunday afternoon, just before it was time for the gift-giving.

To keep the game simple I went for a clicker-clone, I didn’t want a half-working game on sunday. I’m happy with the result and I got most things I wanted into the game. Well, I was really hoping to do some kind of VATS-feature but not enough time. So here it is for your clicking pleasure, enjoy!

Note: I used a bunch of Fallout-related content, the rights to that content belongs to Bethesda and Zenimax.


I recommend running at 1280x720, the UI doesn’t scale well.

The old Unity webplayer has been deprecated and the WebGL-build doesn’t work for some reason. So no web-build sadly.