The current project part II

Two quick notes before I get into the meat of this post. One, I’m going to try to put up work in progress versions of the game each week so tomorrow (friday) you’ll be able to play the part described in the last post. Do note that the game is still pretty rough, I hoped I would get further during the last two weeks. Second, this post will get spoilery so if you’re looking to play the game with fresh eyes then I’d recommend you to skip this one.


In the last post I left off at a place where one would think the game to be over with you having failed your duties as some kind of power plant controller. The power plant ended up overloaded, either by you pushing your luck with your machines or you not having enough income to buy in the missing electricity. As I mentioned this ends up making the plant transformer (the big one in the back) mad. So what happens then? Well, the transformer turns his bushings upside down and starts doing this:

So yeah, this is where the game gets a bit strange. The large transformer machine (pun partially intended) puts the machines you’ve built on its back and storms out of the power plant. Mostly likely you’re also a bit angry at not being able to hold off the neverending electricity requirement of the city. Good thing that you’re in control of the monstrosity of a machine! Use the machines you previously built and lay ruin to the city!

The robot continously moves through the city and while you have some control of its movement your main task is using the machinery on its back to to do a bunch of different attacks. The nuclear machine for example would use its nuclear rods as missiles while the coal machines could be used as flamethrowers. All in the name of destruction!

In the previous part of the game one might have thought that the goal of the game is to just create the biggest city but the actual goal is to do the most property damage as possible. Of course, the amount of property damage you can do depends on the size of the city so performing better you do in the first part helps you out in the second one. But you have limited time before the military response gets too overwhelming and when the giant machine finally tumbles to the ground you’ll hopefully have made enough damage to beat the highscore with your destruction.

Here is where I wish I could show you a bunch of pictures of how awesome it would be but sadly I can’t. I’ve had a bunch of problems the last week with Blender so rigging and animating the clip above took way longer than it should have. So since wednesday I switched focus back to the first part of the game to do a lot of balancing to make the game actually fun for the release tomorrow; because it sure wasn’t much fun before and balancing a game is not an easy task.

So come back tomorrow (specific time unknown) and you’ll find another post with a somewhat playable game.