Friday release


I promised you a release yesterday and here it is! Keep in mind, the game still has quite some ways to go still. The game has no sound or music so I recommend you put something on while you play, why not Floex for example? Most likely it won’t be very obvious how things work in the game currently so I recommend you read my second to last blog-post or just read through these short instructions:

  • Click on the floor tiles (the ones in a 3x3 grid), select a machine and press build. The cost is deducted from your Income (shown on the wall)
  • The green bar on the wall is the complete output from all your machines, the orange bar is the output required by the city
  • Any missing electricity is bought using your income and any excess electricity is put into your income so try to make the machines create as much output as possible at all times
  • Make sure the total output of the plant does not cross over the red bar; if you do its game over


I tried to balance it as best I could but as I mentioned yesterday, it ain’t easy. The game is still missing strategy and planning, currently it’s mostly just a clickfest. Then again, it’s so much better now compared to earlier this week. And I’m happy that I got in some machine feedback also so that you now can see the state of the machine without having the full GUI up. And of course, it’s missing the second part of the game so for now you just get a score notification at the end. Here’s to hoping I’ll get that running next week!

Enough rambling, enjoy and have a good weekend!