What's been going on

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I wish I could say that I’ve been hunkering down, working hard the last two months but that would sadly not be the truth. Well, at first I was. Then I got a fever which took a week to go away but I still felt more tired than usual and it made it hard to work. It wasn’t until a week after the fever, on wednesday the 29th of May, when I stumbled upon a friend on my way to Guerilla Office where he mentioned something odd; he noticed that I was looking yellow. Literally, yellow. My skin and my eyes and a yellow hue that I hadn’t noticed while staying indoors but was pretty clear when standing in sunlight. I stayed home that day instead and went to the hospital the next day which kicked off this entire roller coaster ride I’ve been on.

So, they’re pretty sure I have autoimmune pancreatitis which seems to be a somewhat rare affliction. It has taken quite a while to diagnose and they’re not 100% sure for another month. To summarise the problem, my pancreas got swollen and blocked the bile duct making the bile spill into the rest of my body; that is why my skin and the whites of my eyes were yellow. Add quite a bit of tiredness to that list as well. They did add a small tube to my bile duct to temporarily solve the problem.

Thankfully that worked so now the amount of bile in my body has gone back to normal levels. Which has been great, it’s made me able to work for the last two weeks or so. The tube is only a stop-gap though, cortisone is the plan to get the swelling down for the next couple of months. I want to mention that I’m sorry if I’ve had to skip any social gatherings during the previous month, I was just too tired most of the time to go places.

So now I’m back at work as I mentioned. The adventure jam game didn’t really go anywhere sadly, instead I’m fiddling with something new for a bit. Just to take a break from the power plant game, I’ll show you something tomorrow. Next week I’m leaving for vacation to the US also so it’ll be quiet a while again. But still, it’s good to be back!